Our Products


Napko maintains high standards of quality in the manufacture of its products. The products are diversified to supply three main market areas:

  • Decorative Market
    • In this line we manufacture water based paints, enamel, varnishes, stains, sealers, traffic paints, swimming pools paints, metal primers and others.
  • Industrial Market
    • We have the expertise needed in the manufacture of industrial coatings for anti-corrosive protection of metallic structures, tanks, machinery and equipment related to the chemical industry, oil industry, electrical, electo-mechanic and marine industries among others.
  • Specialties Market
    • This line of products is manufactured to provide for the needs of specific lines of production. The consumers of this line of products are those manufacturers of steel furniture, metallic containers, producers of housewares, large and small appliances, manufacturers of automotive parts, heavy machinery and agricultural machinery.


Industrial Market Specialties Market

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